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Nigerian Landscape Designers on ATN

Great architectural designs require worthy outdoor spaces… beautiful gardens, gates, plantings, paving, etc. Professional landscape designers possess the level of expertise and understanding required to create custom garden and outdoor spaces that complement the architecture of any home design.

How Does ATN Help Me?

Nigerian Landscape Designers: Showcase beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces to highlight your projects and boost your profile. (see list of Nigerian landscape designers)

Basic Content Elements for Landscape Project Submissions

We are looking for beautiful outdoor color photos of gardens, gates, paving, etc. You may showcase projects from your portfolio or Nigerian natural landscapes that you admire. ONLY completed projects please. Photos of works in progress are accepted when they actually show before and after photos of different elements of the project.

Provide us with information describing the project. This information does not have to be long, but it should tell us more about the types of plants used in the garden, types of stone paving, gate design, any special features, etc. The more info, the better.

Tips For Adding Landscape Project Photos

  1. Treat each property as a separate project.
  2. When starting a new project submission, add your best photo first to represent the project. Add project title and project description. Choose a label that best represents this photo, and add the city and state of the project.
  3. After submission you may add additional photos to the project by clicking “Add More Photos to Project,” or you may start another project by clicking “Add a New Project to Your Profile”.
  4. Upload photos of completed landscape projects only. You may submit photos of the building exterior and grounds, gardens, landscapes, courtyards, patios, fencing and gates, etc.


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Community Guidelines


When we publish your photos please share on social media with friends, associates and family via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, emails, etc. This will help your project get more visits, more likes and may lead to additional projects.

Your activities on the site plus audience response to your submissions (likes you’ve accumulated, number of views), as well as the overall quality of your content (photos and information) contribute to boosting your ranking on ATN.

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