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Home Product Makers & Resellers

Great product marketers and designers are not just able to come up with the big ideas, they are also equally able to execute the idea – converting ideas into something new, appealing and functional.

You have taken risks, you have been creative, you have been innovative, you have delivered something new – a product, a device, something that improves on the quality and comfort of living in the modern world. (see list of Nigerian home product maker & reseller shops or view the Marketplace of their products)

How Does ATN Help Me?

You may list your home products for sale…free!

Home Furnishings

  • Showcase home furniture such as, dining tables, center/coffee tables, sofas/couches, stools, accent/side tables, kitchen appliances, etc.
  • List a variety of building products:
    Perimeter – doors, windows, paints, etc
    Gates, etc
    Bathroom accessories and hardware – cabinetry, bath fittings and fixtures, etc.
  • Flooring – carpets/rugs, tiles and stones, etc.
  • Lighting – ceiling lights, sconces, chandelier (multiple bulb), floor, pendant (single bulb), table lamps, outdoor lighting, etc.
  • Kitchen – cabinetry, fittings, fixtures
  • Textiles – upholstery for sofa/couch, chairs, window coverings, etc.
  • Wall coverings – fabric, paper
  • Commercial Furniture:
    desk, tables, conference tables, chairs, guest chairs, loungers, etc…

Personal Care & Specialty Foods

  • List Nigeria-made packaged soaps, cosmetics, chocolates, cookies, assorted snacks, etc.

Tips For Adding Home Product Photos

  1. To add products:  Go to your professional profile page and click “Add New Product”.
  2. When adding a product, make sure your photo is attractive. If you have more than one photo of the product, add your best photo first (you may add 2 additional photos later). For best impact, show item as it will be used. Add the product name and description. Choose the categories that best represent your product.
  3. Optionally, you may add a price in Naira (recommended). If you have an ecommerce website, you may also add a direct link to your product. In addition, you may indicate if the product is custom made, handmade or exactly as shown in the photo.
  4. You are allowed a total of three photos per product.


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