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About atHome Ng

Do you love design and like to share? Showcase your home design, your decorating ideas, lifestyles and more. Connect and share creative home decor ideas with design lovers… inspire creativity and innovation… awaken design and aesthetic consciousness. At home Nigeria (atHome Ng) is all about Nigerians worldwide showcasing and sharing home decorating and design ideas. We like photos of home design ideas by people like you who love design and like to share.

Simply submit your photos by sending us a direct message through WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook or upload on ATN. We will publish your photos and credit you…

… upload indoor and outdoor photos of home designs and decorations you love… living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, gardens, gates, pavings and any other features.

Photos can be of your own home/apartment, friend’s or family homes or simply photos of homes you love and admire. You may choose to be in the photos or not… your choice.

  • Snap and Share gorgeous photos that represent you, your decorating style, your homestyle.
  • Share tips on how to decorate or fix minor household problems.
  • All you need is a few photos… the more photos you share, the better.


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Share photos of any room in a home, apartment/flat or photos of outdoor gardens, swimming pools, gates and interesting features. Photos can be of homes in any country, city, town or even the village (adobe homes are welcome).

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