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    Design Inspiration: AirBnb Lagos

    Explore home decor and design ideas from across Lagos. Get inspirations that you can incorporate into your own home design. Better still... visit your favorite space, as these are all available to rent on AirBnb Lagos.

  • Exterior  →  Source:

    Brighten up your entryway with surprising pops of color and patterns, similar to the polka dot entry of this Ikeja home: "Grand de Casa". Get creative! Splash of color along your balcony, painted stripes in your entryway, even fanciful colors to doors create an entryway that truly welcomes guests. Why have a just a drab door, when red, yellow, blue, etc can create that unexpected drama.

  • Living/Sitting Room  →  Source:

    This V.I. flat shows how easily Nigerian pottery and native house plants can blend seamlessly with patterned wallpaper. Plants bring the outdoors indoors, adding life and color to your rooms. Add Nigerian craft and art to infuse culture and elegance, while supporting local artists and craft-makers. Why import art objects when there are so many rich traditional and contemporary styles available right here in Nigeria?

  • Living/Sitting Room  →  Source:

    Take a cue from this Lagos apartment and connect your different seating types and sections by using matching colors.

  • Exterior  →  Source:

    Even the tiniest outdoor space can provide refuge and added dimension to your living space. This can be an outdoor city escape, as proven here in this Lagos balcony space. Simply ensure that you choose compact seating and table arrangement so you don't overwhelm the space.

  • Bedroom  →  Source:

    Imagine yourself waking up in the morning to natural light streaming through a window. The designer of this apartment was able to achieve a balance of privacy and openness with layered sheer curtains. The white walls, curtains and light-colored sheets, ensure a bright, airy room.

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    This Isolo home near Lagos airport, displays its architect's taste for minimalism. This Nigerian architect has succeeded in showing how well Nigerian visual art fits into modern settings with muted colors, clean lines and contemporary furniture. To achieve this look, use large, framed art pieces by Nigerian artists to brighten rooms and add colors and textures to your walls. This adds visual interest and tends to pull the eye upward, making the room more dynamic.

  • Dining Room  →  Source:

    This Ikoyi apartment displays a calming, understated color palette to create a relaxing oasis from the bustle of Lagos.

  • Living/Sitting Room  →  Source:

    Or, turn up the volume as the designer did in this Ikoyi townhome. Add bright colors in various forms: colorful throw pillows, bright fabric-covered ottomans or upholstered chairs with pops of color. The large windows in this townhome, create an indoor-outdoor ambience that incorporates landscaped greenery that ensures that the bright colors don't overwhelm the space.

  • Garden  →  Source:

    Create your own oasis in the city, similar to this Victoria Island apartment. Here, the tall, lush garden envelopes the outdoor seating arrangement. And, the vegetation softens and hides the surrounding concrete walls. The landscape designer has cleverly used vegetation as a means to provide shading which helps to cool the temperature of this outdoor space... a must-have in Lagos.

  • Exterior  →  Source:

    If you can't add a lush garden, then consider installing unique planter boxes in your exterior spaces, similar to this V.I. home. Alternatively, Nigerian clay pottery are inexpensive ways to add greenery and color to your outdoor space. Use these pots as planters for flowering plants and shrubbery to add color and texture.

  • Exterior  →  Source:

    First impressions matter! Create an entrance to remember... take inspiration from the pergola entryway of this Ikeja guest home. Some vegetation is used here to soften the walls and the slats from the pergola above provide shading.

These homes across Lagos use a variety of methods to create warm, comfortable spaces for their owners and guests alike. The spaces incorporate Nigerian visual art, sculpture and craft to add texture and color to walls and rooms. They employ large windows that let in natural light, and use sheer curtains (or no curtains) to create bright, airy rooms. In addition, these homes display an artful use of plants and vegetation. This brings in nature and softens the space.

Take some inspiration from these spaces and apply to your own home decor. Share your decorating ideas with Nigerians. Snap and post photos of your decor on atHome Ng.


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