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    Baskets as Wall Decor

    In homes around the world, designers are hanging handmade baskets on walls as a unique form of wall art and decor. It's a simple decor idea that instantly adds texture, color and pattern to walls allowing it to blend seamlessly into any style of decor. The example above is from a living room in Toronto, Canada, using flat baskets or fei-fei from Northern Nigeria. Get inspired with more decor ideas below.

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Baskets as wall decor… Sometimes it’s easy to overlook decor ideas when the item is as commonplace as a basket. But the colors, texture and warmth of locally made baskets add a touch of the handmade to your walls. Interior designers from across the world and in Nigeria are using African baskets as wall art… They are the perfect accent for your modern flat in Lagos, your bungalow in Abuja or your duplex in Kano. And there are so many different basket styles in Nigeria to choose from: flat baskets (fei-fei), coil-weave baskets, fishing baskets, etc. It’s time to explore!


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