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  • Bright, airy and artistic living room in Ghana- African home decor inspiration Living/Sitting Room  →  Source:

    An Artsy Oasis in Accra

    This contemporary home in Accra was designed by the homeowner, Nana, to create a tropical oasis. The design thoughtfully uses natural light, varied pieces of artwork, exceptional furnishings and lush vegetation to create an airy, comfortable and creative space for Nana and guests alike.

  • Outdoor living space in African tropical oasis Exterior  →  Source:

    The home is situated in a landscaped garden with additional outdoor living spaces. Weather resistant furniture and an eclectic mix of art makes this space ideal for gatherings and entertaining. The overhang of the roof provides shading outdoors as well as for the top-level clerestory windows to allow diffuse light in, while keeping heat out. Garden vegetation also provides natural shading for the windows, while allowing light in.

  • African garden design inspiration from Ghana Garden  →  Source:

    The lush entry garden of this home provides a home also for local birds ready to serenade Nana and her guests throughout the day.

  • Rustic gate design in tropical oasis in Ghana Gate  →  Source:

    Nana employed an eclectic mix of natural materials-- pavers, stone, wood, as well as vegetation to create a textural landscape at the entry gate. This variety of materials with their natural colors, generates visual interest creating a calming, relaxing environment.

  • Airy, tropical African bedroom design inspiration from Ghana Bedroom  →  Source:

    The bedroom is a serene getaway, with an airy feel. Large windows create an indoor-outdoor atmosphere with view to the surrounding garden. The vegetation allows natural light to filter in, yet provides enough shade to cut down on heat gain. This home is purposefully designed to take full advantage of cross-ventilation… air-conditioning is rarely used!

  • Bright, tropical bathroom design in Ghana Bathroom  →  Source:

    Even the bathroom is a serene environment with generous windows and clerestory space providing views to the garden that wraps around the home.

Homeowner Nana used natural light, luscious vegetation and eclectic and thoughtfully chosen art to create a home that takes advantage of the sun, climate and culture of Ghana. When creating your own home oasis, consider using large windows that provide natural light and views into your garden. In addition, use art to add personality to your space, both indoors and out. Create bright, airy interiors with lots of light and add color and texture with art objects. You’ll thank yourself every time you open your door.


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