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  • Living Room with unplastered cement blocks Living/Sitting Room  →  Source:

    The Aesthetics of Unplastered Cement Blocks

    This home in São Paulo, Brazil was designed as a minimal space for a sole occupant with few possessions.

  • Outdoor hanging plant wall garden Garden  →  Source:

    Even though this structure was built on a small lot, the architects (Terra e Tuma) managed to include a ground-floor garden that adds greenery to the environment. Such outdoor spaces would be ideal for planting basic necessities such as tomatoes, peppers, etc.

  • Small courtyard garden Garden  →  Source:

    To make the space feel large and airy, the architects added lots of large glass windows. These allow the occupants to see directly into the garden from the indoors, thus creating an indoor-outdoor feel. This technique makes a small space feel larger.

  • Living/Sitting Room  →  Source:

    This unique structure was constructed with attention to the placement and mortaring of the cement blocks to ensure a clean facade. Note that the block wall is not plastered over. This technique allows the blocks to add texture and geometric patterning to the walls of enhanced visual interest Adopting this minimalist approach to partition wall treatment obviously saved the owner the additional cost of plastering while creative visually dynamic walls.

  • Small space, big style: terrace overlooking small courtyard garden Garden  →  Source:

    The usefulness of outdoor spaces can never be over-emphasized. In tropical settings, such as Lagos, an outdoor space can provided that calm oasis for evening dining, reading or simply relaxing. Guard against mosquitoes invading your solitude: add screens to openings and where possible, install an overhead fan.

For your next project, consider using unplastered cement blocks as interior walls. Take extra care to use high-quality blocks and hire building artisans who can work neatly to create walls that are aesthetically pleasing both inside and out.


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