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A Nigerian home and garden design network dedicated to inspiring creativity and ideas for living in the modern global world.

ATN is an online design source for creative ideas in home architecture, interior design and decorating, furnishings and lifestyle, etc. Individual architects, designers, homeowners, design lovers post and share photos of home designs, decorating projects, design and lifestyle ideas, etc.

Users are expected to be courteous…

Our objective is to remain a positive community that is all about art and design, home and garden architecture, and modern living.

Offer critiques, suggestions and opinions in a civil manner. And remember, being a critic is not the same thing as being a jerk.

ATN is a secular, non-sexist, non-tribal organization. It is also an all-ages site, so please be appropriate with your language, topics, and photography.

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ATN is a visual social network designed to place emphasis on discovery and community – fostering connections between users.

Users are encouraged to ask specific questions, offer opinions, suggestions and critique that contribute towards solutions.

Your activities on ATN lead to more ATN users, more likes for your posts, more home design and aesthetic consciousness among Nigerian homeowners and possibly more contracts and sales for your firm or business.

ATN and our moderators reserve the right to remove illegal or offensive materials such as, hate speech, incitement to violence, off-topic or inappropriate content.